Fractional Counsel

On-Demand Access, Predictable Pricing

With our Fractional Counsel Program, we advise small to mid-sized businesses on a wide variety of business and legal matters. These clients do not need a full-time lawyer on staff, but still wish to benefit from having an on-call, go-to lawyer who knows their unique business situation, tolerance for risk, and budget.

Our Fractional Counsel Program allows you to establish a fixed legal budget on your terms. No more surprise bills for unexpected expenses. No more waiting for days to set a consultation to discuss your matter. Instead, you will have direct access to our attorneys when you need it.

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Business Management

Corporate Formation

Strategic Planning

Leasing and Construction Contracts

Real Estate Purchase Agreements

Client and Vendor Relations

Client and Vendor Relations

Draft and Review Contracts

Assistance with Creditors

Debt-Collection Matters (including liens)

Demand Letters and Legal Correspondence

Employment Matters

Employment Matters

Discrimination/Harassment Complaints

Employee Handbook Review

Severance Agreements

Employee Discipline

Employee Terminations

Employment Agreements

Regulatory & Administrative Matters

Licensing and Regulatory Matters


Department of Labor Audits

Unemployment Claims

IRS Employee Classification Audits

Equal Employment Opportunity Claims

Attorney-Owned and Community Based

Responsive and affordable, we bring a personal touch to meeting the needs of our diverse client base. Our client-centered approach means you get the trusted legal services you need from professionals who live, work, and contribute to our shared community.